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Employment law sexual harassment.
10 March, 2019

Employment Law

Settlement Agreements and Workplace Sexual Harassment, Discrimination or Bullying

Does a Settlement Agreement protect an employer forever? Many people will have signed a Settlement Agreement with their former employer which contained a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) or ‘gagging clause’ to protect customer information, intellectual property or trade secrets. However, evidence is emerging that they are also being used to silence former employees to cover discriminatory […]

Employment in the gig economy
7 January, 2017

Employment Law

Employment Law & The Gig Economy

At the tail end of 2016, the term “Gig Economy” was thrown sharply into the limelight. It sounds like a new phenomenon, but really it pretends to be much like the old practice of freelance work, enhanced by the use of technology. With fewer people working in traditional ‘jobs for life’, it is important that modern […]

Dismissal issues on The Archers
13 September, 2016

Employment Law

Rob Titchener’s Employment Problems

Rob who? A brief history … Even if you have never listened to a single episode of Radio 4’s daily soap The Archers, you are sure to have heard about the recent storyline featuring Helen Archer (nowadays, it’s Helen Titchener). It’s a tale of domestic abuse and (don’t sue me, but I did hear the episode!) attempted murder. […]

Rooney vs Allardyce dispute
10 September, 2016

Employment Law

Contractual issues between Rooney and Allardyce?

What’s in a name? ‘Striker’, or simply ‘player’?  Last week England Football Club played out a turgid one-nil win over Slovakia in their maiden game for the World Cup 2018 qualifiers. When questioned about England Captain Wayne Rooney’s role within the team, the England Football Manager Sam Allardyce said “it is not for me to say” where Wayne Rooney plays, […]

Sports Direct and Zero Hours Contracts
1 September, 2016

Employment Law

Sports Direct and Zero Hours Contracts

Mike Ashley, Sports Direct’s founder and owner of Newcastle United Football Club, has admitted workers at the Sports Direct Derbyshire warehouse were paid below the minimum wage. On 07 June 2016, Mr Ashley gave evidence to the Business Skills and Innovation Committee. This followed an investigation by The Guardian newspaper that found Sports Direct’s warehouse workers were receiving an […]

When HMRC Tried To Win Against Spurs
19 June, 2016

Employment Law

When HMRC Tried To Win Against Spurs

HMRS versus Tottenham Hotspur FC This week, one of our partners’ football clubs has been in the news in the case of Tottenham Hotspur Limited – v – The Commissioners for Her Majesty’s Revenue & Customs (2016). You can read the full case details by clicking here. This case concerned payments made by Tottenham to former players Peter Crouch and Wilson Palacios in […]

Eva Caniero unfair dismissal claim
13 June, 2016

Employment Law

Constructive Dismissal Claim At Chelsea

Chelsea Football Club have made headlines in the sports media recently, but for all the wrong reasons What can we learn about Employment Law from Chelsea FC’s settlement with Eva Carneiro? On 07 June 2016, former Chelsea club doctor Eva Carneiro settled her dismissal claim against the club on confidential terms.  It is not entirely unusual […]