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Delayed completion - problems with you chain
8 November, 2019

Civil Litigation Residential Conveyancing

Delayed completion? That’s going to cost me!

Sadly, with the complexities of life and property transactions, and the fact that there is often a chain involved when buying and selling properties, one small hiccup can have consequences for everyone in that chain. It could be that funds were not received from the mortgage provider in time. It could be that a buyer […]

Escalating Maintenance Fees Newbuilds
4 November, 2019

Residential Conveyancing

Escalating Maintenance Charges – Another Newbuild Scandal?

Earlier this year we featured an article about escalating ground rents, particularly where they were set by developers on new houses, sold on 999-year leases, and the problems buyers were subsequently experiencing in relation to ever higher annual ground rent payments, leading to problems when they tried to sell those homes. Now it seems developers […]

Property misrepresentation
18 September, 2019

Civil Litigation Residential Conveyancing

My Seller Lied To Me!

Misrepresentation In Property Sales: the consequences of not telling the truth when selling property Buying property is a big investment for anyone, so it’s only right that the purchaser should be satisfied with what they are buying. Likewise, the seller should be entitled to some comfort in knowing that once their property is sold, that […]

Buying property
10 August, 2019

Residential Conveyancing

Guide to Buying a Property

The Government has recently published a comprehensive guide to buying your home, and it contains lots of useful information whether you’re a first-time buyer, downsizing post-retirement, or somewhere in between. Download the How to Buy Guide [825kb pdf] There are sections which deal with, for example, applying for a mortgage, buying a new build property, […]

Get conveyancing right
16 March, 2019

Residential Conveyancing

All About Conveyancing – Don’t Get It Wrong

What is conveyancing, how long does it take, and what can go wrong? There has been much media coverage about the decline in home ownership, the rise of private renting, and general affordability issues when it comes to owning your own property. Despite the dreary tidings, owning a home of their own is still high on the […]

Ground rent escalators
27 February, 2019

Residential Conveyancing

Have You Heard About The Goldilocks Lease?

By now there cannot be many conveyancers or estate agents who have not come across a problematic lease. Problems used to arise around poor drafting on occasions, or changes in practice, usually leading to non-compliance with lender requirements under the UK Finance (formerly CML) Lenders Handbook. However, in the last year or two a new […]

Brexit and the property market
28 June, 2016

Residential Conveyancing

Brexit and its Effects on the Property Sector

We’ve had the EU referendum – what next for property? The Law Society last week published an article which proffered reasons for sitting on both sides of the fence. Like 48% of voters and Martin Coleman, this author voted to remain in the EU. Lawyers love evidence and facts. Mr Coleman cited figures from the […]

Choosing a conveyancing solicitor
20 April, 2016

Residential Conveyancing

How To Choose A Conveyancing Solicitor

A recent report on home moving trends in 2015* has been published giving the feedback of 5,400 property purchasers, who have kindly given their insights into their home move to tell you the do’s and dont’s of choosing your conveyancing solicitor. We have compiled the key facts for you below. How do you start selecting […]