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Delayed completion - problems with you chain
8 November, 2019

Civil Litigation Residential Conveyancing

Delayed completion? That’s going to cost me!

Sadly, with the complexities of life and property transactions, and the fact that there is often a chain involved when buying and selling properties, one small hiccup can have consequences for everyone in that chain. It could be that funds were not received from the mortgage provider in time. It could be that a buyer […]

Property misrepresentation
18 September, 2019

Civil Litigation Residential Conveyancing

My Seller Lied To Me!

Misrepresentation In Property Sales: the consequences of not telling the truth when selling property Buying property is a big investment for anyone, so it’s only right that the purchaser should be satisfied with what they are buying. Likewise, the seller should be entitled to some comfort in knowing that once their property is sold, that […]

Beware Homemade Wills
25 August, 2019

Civil Litigation Wills & Probate

Is a Homemade Will a Good Idea?

DIY Is Not Always The Best Way Forward The number of cases being heard in the High Court relating to inheritance dispute has risen sharply in recent years from 227 in 2018 to 368 in 2019, largely as a result of DIY Wills which are riddled with errors. These have usually been drafted by people […]

Trespass legal options
4 October, 2018

Civil Litigation

If You Wake Up To Trespassers, What Can You Do?

What is trespassing? Save in some exceptional circumstances, if anyone enters onto a piece of land that does not belong to them without permission, they commit a trespass. Trespass can occur in a number of forms, from a trespassing structure to large groups of individuals. There is no need to show that any damage has […]

Tenants, landlords and human rights
7 September, 2016

Civil Litigation

Human Rights Defence To A Landlord’s Claim For Possession

Last month the Supreme Court unanimously dismissed the appeal by a residential tenant in respect of a possession order which had been obtained by the landlord. This was an awkward claim, as the tenant was living in a property owned by her parents. The tenant had been granted a number of assured shorthold tenancy agreements. […]