Residential Landlord and Tenant Disputes

The law seeks to strike a balance between the rights and obligations of landlords and tenants.

Cunningtons act for landlords and tenants of residential property, as well as advising and acting for letting agents.

Cunningtons act for both residential landlords and tenants in all aspects of the relationship, from formation to its conclusion, including:

  • possession claims;
  • dilapidation claims;
  • service charge disputes;
  • deposit disputes; and
  • the recovery of rent arrears.

Assisting landlords

For landlords, the rent that they receive normally represents a return on what is often a significant and long term investment. Sometimes, the rental income is barely enough to break even after taking account of mortgage and maintenance obligations.

A tenant that is refusing to pay the rent, damaging the property or otherwise breaching their obligations can therefore cause significant financial detriment to a landlord.

Irrespective of whether you are a landlord or a tenant, problems that arise in the landlord and tenant context should be addressed quickly to ensure that they do not get worse.

Assisting tenants

For the majority of tenants, the property that they rent is their only home and they are entitled to expect the landlord to maintain the property in accordance with the terms of their tenancy agreement.

Tenants are also entitled to expect their landlord to comply with the statutory obligations imposed upon them, which includes leaving the tenant in peace generally and observing the correct procedures before the commencement of, during and if a tenancy is to be brought to an end.

Assisting letting agents

A good letting agent provides a valuable service to a landlord. This can range from locating and vetting a suitable to tenant to the complete management of a portfolio of rental properties.

We can assist letting agents, as well as estate agents, in dealing with commission disputes in particular and advising on the necessary action or steps which need to be undertaken in any given situation.


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