Professional Negligence Solicitors

A professional expert should sell you good advice, anything less can be negligent.

The world is a complicated place and we all find ourselves in situations where we need advice from an expert or professional advisor from time to time. However, when that advice is wrong, it can have serious consequences.

Professional negligence in property transactions

One common area of professional negligence arises in property transactions.

If, for example, when buying a house the surveyor’s report suggests that the property is structurally sound when it is not, this can mean that you pay more for the property than it is worth or be left with a bill for remedial works which could otherwise have been negotiated at the time of purchase.

Perhaps you have been advised incorrectly about the position of any boundaries to the property, so you have purchased something which is smaller than you envisaged.

Buying and selling property can be complex, and there are a range of issues which can sometimes arise. Cunningtons can assist in assessing the position and taking any necessary action to recover or defend any claims for the loss that follows from any incorrect advice.

Negligence by accountants

Another common example occurs in accountancy. If when you are seeking tax, investment or financial planning advice from your accountant and that advice is wrong, you may suffer a financial loss.

Negligence in a range of professions

Cunningtons act for individuals and companies in bringing and defending claims against surveyorsaccountantssolicitors and other professionals.

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