Legal Advice at the End of Employment

An employment relationship can end in different ways and it is certainly not always on bad terms.

Sometimes employers and employees may wish to try to protect themselves from issues which might subsequently arise after the employment relationship has ended.

A good example of this is when key staff leave a business, taking with them sensitive or confidential knowledge or information about it.

The employee will wish to use their knowledge and skills in their new role.

An employer will want to avoid a former employee damaging its legitimate business interests.

Cunningtons often receives enquiries about the enforcement of restrictions contained within employment contracts, which are intended to prevent departing employees from damaging their business.

Among other matters, Cunningtons can advise employers and employees on matters relating to:-

  • Redundancy
  • Settlement/compromise agreements
  • Claims for unfair or wrongful dismissal
  • Unlawful deductions from wages
  • Matters relating to the enforcement of post-employment restrictions and restrictive covenants


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