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Cunningtons LLP’s commercial property department is headed by Nicholas Brothers, a solicitor and Senior Associate in the firm, who provides commercial property services to Cunningtons’ clients throughout the country.

Nicholas has over 15 years’ specialist commercial property experience in City, West End and high street firms and aims to provide a personal, high quality and practical service at a competitive price.

Nicholas has experience working for buyers, sellers, landlords, tenants and lenders – so he understands their different needs. That experience means that you get a Solicitor who knows about YOUR situation.

Nicholas can help with almost all types of commercial property work, including buying and selling freeholds, let investments, existing leases, new leases and small businesses privately and at auction. He can also help with residential leaseholders’ rights to enfranchise, extend and manage their leases.

These are only examples of the work Nicholas is able to help you with.

To discuss your specific requirements or get an estimate without obligation, please e-mail Nicholas at or telephone him on 020 8688 8446

Commercial and Residential Conveyancing Services

Cunningtons are market leaders in Commerial and Residential Conveyancing, dealing with several thousand property transactions each year.

Frequently Asked Questions

The following are common questions we get asked about the legal side of buying and selling property. If you cannot find the answer here, please contact us for an answer.

When should I instruct my conveyancing solicitor?

You should find a solicitor to act for you in your property sale or purchase as early as possible: you don’t need to wait until you’ve had an offer or found a new home to get the ball rolling.

What documents do I have to get ready?

After you have gone through our quotation system and signed our instruction form, if you’re selling you’ll need to let us have any deeds you hold and guarantees and other certificates. Providing your ID documents at an early stage always helps, and if you’re buying, evidence of the source of your funds.

How much will my conveyancing fees be?

The price of the conveyancing process depends on the value of the houses being bought or sold. You can contact our dedicated free phone quote line (0800 977 7887 to get an accurate quotation, or submit an enquiry via our website.

What does ‘exchange’ mean?

There are two key events in the sale of a property in the UK – ‘exchange’ and ‘completion’. The ‘exchange of contracts’ happens when both parties sign a legal contract and their legal representatives agree the terms and date the Contract that makes all aspects of the purchase legally binding and enforceable. ‘Completion’ is the final stage in the sale of a property, when property legally changes ownership.

What is a local search?

This is a request to the Local Authority to provide any information that they may have relating to the property being bought; this includes any planning entries, financial charges and local road schemes, but does not cover any neighbouring land.

Are conveyancing searches necessary?

The information from a property search is vital to a buyer. You need to know, for example, if the area is about to be extensively developed as that would be highly disruptive in terms of resulting traffic and noise levels.

What issues can make the conveyancing process more time-consuming?

Difficulties can arise when there are disputes as to title (ownership) of any part of the property, with alterations if the property is a listed building, lack of landlords consent for alterations to flats, or with a failure to have planning permission for changes to a property.

What are conveyancing disbursements?

Additional ‘disbursements’ are merely payments to 3rd parties such as to local authorities for search fees and to the Land Registry for title deeds.

How long does conveyancing take?

The average freehold transaction which proceeds without undue delay from lenders or local authorities in processing search requests, can usually take around 6 to 10 weeks from receipt of papers, leasehold transactions usually take longer due to the more complicated nature of the title and maintenance arrangements.

Are conveyancing fees vatable?

Yes, the VAT is added to your final bill once the sale or purchase has been exchanged.


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