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How can I afford a family law solicitor
18 October, 2019

Family & Matrimonial

Ways You Can Afford Your Family Law Fees

Many people are having to go through family law court proceedings without having the benefit of legal advice, simply because of the costs involved in instructing a solicitor. Going to court and representing yourself is a terrifying prospect for most people … is there anyone who can help? Solicitors It is always worth contacting a […]

Ask Yourself These Questions
10 October, 2019

Family & Matrimonial

Part 3: Five Questions to Ask Yourself After You’ve Met Your Solicitor

Once you’ve met with a solicitor, you should have a much clearer idea on all of your options. You are  also understand what your costs are likely to be. Before you decide to instruct a solicitor, it’s time to ask yourself a few questions. 1. Did the solicitor listen to me? Solicitors can’t possibly give […]

Interview your Family Law solicitor
3 October, 2019

Family & Matrimonial

Part 2: Ten Questions To Ask Your Family Law Solicitor

Interviewing a Family Law solicitor When you first meet with any solicitor, we always suggest taking a notepad and pen. You’ll be given lots of information and you may be asked to get some further information or take certain steps to help strengthen your position. So it’s always handy to make a quick note of […]

Find a Family Law Solicitor
27 September, 2019

Family & Matrimonial

If You Need A Family Law Solicitor But Don’t Know Where to Start

Going to see a solicitor to discuss your Family Law issues can be a scary thing to do, whether you need to find out if you can get a divorce, or you’re having trouble agreeing how often you should spend time with your children, or you aren’t sure what to do with the house. No […]

Property misrepresentation
18 September, 2019

Civil Litigation Residential Conveyancing

My Seller Lied To Me!

Misrepresentation In Property Sales: the consequences of not telling the truth when selling property Buying property is a big investment for anyone, so it’s only right that the purchaser should be satisfied with what they are buying. Likewise, the seller should be entitled to some comfort in knowing that once their property is sold, that […]

Legal mentee and Bryony
6 September, 2019

Cunningtons news

Cunningtons and Mentoring

Cunningtons LLP are proud of the Anglia Ruskin University Mentoring Scheme Each year our solicitors take on a mentee who is currently in their second year at Anglia Ruskin and stay with them throughout the year to provide them with advice in respect of their legal careers. This year one of our Partners, Bryony Wilmshurst […]

Will Aid November 2019
2 September, 2019

Wills & Probate

Free Wills From Cunningtons this November

Since Cunningtons started supporting Will Aid we have raised an incredible £11,387 for nine Will Aid Charities which benefit from the scheme run during the month of November. Will Aid is a British Charity Will writing scheme designed to reinforce the need for everyone to have their professionally drawn up Will to raise money for […]

Beware Homemade Wills
25 August, 2019

Civil Litigation Wills & Probate

Is a Homemade Will a Good Idea?

DIY Is Not Always The Best Way Forward The number of cases being heard in the High Court relating to inheritance dispute has risen sharply in recent years from 227 in 2018 to 368 in 2019, largely as a result of DIY Wills which are riddled with errors. These have usually been drafted by people […]

Buying property
10 August, 2019

Residential Conveyancing

Guide to Buying a Property

The Government has recently published a comprehensive guide to buying your home, and it contains lots of useful information whether you’re a first-time buyer, downsizing post-retirement, or somewhere in between. Download the How to Buy Guide [825kb pdf] There are sections which deal with, for example, applying for a mortgage, buying a new build property, […]

5 Things Not To Say To Your Divorce Lawyer
8 July, 2019

Family & Matrimonial

5 Things You Should Never Say To Your Divorce Lawyer

When you work with a divorce lawyer there are things you can do to make the process easier for both of you.  We’ve listed 5 things that you should never say to your divorce lawyer to smooth the relationship. 1. “I get paid cash in hand” The phrase  “cash in hand” strikes fear into the […]

Get conveyancing right
16 March, 2019

Residential Conveyancing

All About Conveyancing – Don’t Get It Wrong

What is conveyancing, how long does it take, and what can go wrong? There has been much media coverage about the decline in home ownership, the rise of private renting, and general affordability issues when it comes to owning your own property. Despite the dreary tidings, owning a home of their own is still high on the […]

Employment law sexual harassment.
10 March, 2019

Employment Law

Settlement Agreements and Workplace Sexual Harassment, Discrimination or Bullying

Does a Settlement Agreement protect an employer forever? Many people will have signed a Settlement Agreement with their former employer which contained a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) or ‘gagging clause’ to protect customer information, intellectual property or trade secrets. However, evidence is emerging that they are also being used to silence former employees to cover discriminatory […]