Property Disputes and Claims

A whole range of issues can arise in respect of real property, outside of a landlord and tenant context.

Cunningtons also acts for landlords and tenants – please see the relevant section of our website for further information.

Issues that Cause Property Disputes

Issues can arise at any point from the time that property is purchased and sometimes even after it is sold.

For example, parties may retain rights to income from land through overage (when more money is  made than previously assumed) or other agreements.

Parties may have rights of way over land or restrictions may be in place over what can or cannot be done with the land.

Sometimes a property may have been purchased where there was a misunderstanding about something.

And sometimes issues have arisen before sale leading to delayed completion, affecting everyone in a chain.

Who Do We Act For?

Cunningtons act for corporate and individual property owners of all sizes and in respect of many different types of dispute which can arise.

For example, we can assist with:

trespass and boundary disputes;
nuisance and damage;
subsidence and heave;
neighbour disputes;
Party Wall Act disputes;
restrictive covenants;
misrepresentation and negligence; and
mortgage repossessions.

We have particular expertise if you are facing or considering a claim based on misrepresentation, having bought or sold a property and discovered or been accused of concealing (accidentally or deliberately) information about it which would have had a material impact on your decision to buy it or what you would pay for it.

For example, to suggest that a property has never flooded, that you are not in a dispute with your neighbour or that the property would be left in a good condition, when this is not the case, could give rise to a potential liability for misrepresentation.


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