DIY Is Not Always The Best Way Forward

The number of cases being heard in the High Court relating to inheritance disputes has risen sharply in recent years from 227 in 2018 to 368 in 2019, largely as a result of DIY Wills which are riddled with errors. These have usually been drafted by people who do not realise the legal complexities behind Wills. That is not even to mention the number of people who die every year with no Will – or Intestate.

Surely You Don’t Need To Get A Lawyer Involved?

At Cunningtons we often hear that it is easy to download a Will from the internet; the answer to this is yes, they are cheap and easy to find online. However, when it goes wrong – as it quite often does – the cost of rectifying the errors or dealing with disputes arising out of a poorly drafted Will are likely to be incredibly costly and the length of time it takes to resolve matters can make a time of grieving even more stressful and upsetting.

A Will is not a case of one-size-fits-all, there is a range of different estates and circumstances that exist between family structures, different types of ownership, it is highly unlikely that a Will that you find online meets your specific needs.

The Law Society’s View

The recent Law Society President, Christina Blacklaws commented: “Probate laws are complex, and DIY Wills can easily contain mistakes which render them illegitimate or difficult to administer”.

Cunningtons LLP will meet with you to discuss your specific requirements and then draft a tailor-made Will which meets your needs. We will also meet with you to sign the Will to ensure it meets the legal requirements for a valid Will.

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