Life expectancy is on the up. The average man can expect to live to 78 and the average woman can expect to achieve the grand old age of 82.

Is the thought of spending 20-plus years of retirement with your spouse really that unbearable?

Apparently so.

“Silver Divorces” are on the increase. Over 60s are the only age group where divorce rates are rising…and rising. But why? And what happens next?

Retirement is supposed to be your reward for years of hard work. Your chance to live the life you always wanted- focussing on hobbies, making time to visit family, spending summers in the garden and winters in the Canary Islands.

In reality, it can also mean suddenly spending day-in/day-out with your spouse and realising you have nothing in common now that the children have flown the nest. You may both have different ideas of how to spend hard-earned pensions, with one eager to make the most of it and the other keen to preserve it for the children.

Nowadays it is far more socially acceptable to decide to seek a brighter future rather than stick rigidly to vows you made perhaps 40 years ago when you were both different people.

The thought of “starting again” can be daunting for anyone at any age, and perhaps even more so for the retired husband who has never had to cook or clean for himself or the retired wife who has never had to be responsible for paying bills or going in the loft.

However, fresh starts bring a wealth of new opportunities. There are a number of online dating websites solely for the older generation, meaning life doesn’t have to be lonely. Organisations such as Saga offer travel opportunities and other services exclusively for over 50s.

Cunningtons can help you to deal with a separation in an amicable and cost-effective way. All of our family solicitors are members of Resolution which means we deal with matters in a way that allows both parties to maintain their respect and dignity.

Our family solicitors are experts at advising on all of the legal implications that flow from separations later in life, such as divorces, judicial separation, properties and pensions. We can also assist you to protect your assets if you are considering cohabiting or remarrying a new partner.

Let us help you work towards a brighter future. If you would like a free 30-minute appointment to find out more about your options, please call us today.

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