As part of our firm’s induction training, all staff complete basic Dementia Friends training and we are very proud that all of our staff, firm-wide, are Dementia Friends

On the 19th and 20th July, some of our staff members from our Braintree offices took part in a Dementia Friends training session, a slightly more advanced version of the standard Dementia Friends training completed by all staff.

Clare, a Dementia Friendly Communities Coordinator visited our Head office at Great Square, in Braintree to deliver the training. During the session, we learnt about the different types of Dementia and the ways in which the disease can affect people.

Describing Dementia: The bookshelf analogy

We also learnt about the ‘Bookshelf Analogy’ – a brilliant way of being able to interpret the effect that Dementia has on the brain and memories. Imagine each book on the shelf is a memory. The top shelf would hold the most recent memories that have been made and the bottom shelf holds memories from childhood.

As Dementia progresses, it will start to rock the bookcase and the books on the top shelf will fall off first, so eventually, the bottom shelf, holding the childhood memories, will become the most recent memories held.

Living with a Dementia diagnosis

We were joined in the second session by a man who has been diagnosed with Dementia. He was
accompanied by his wife, and they were able to offer a great insight into their experiences of living
with dementia

Views on our training

We had some great feedback from staff on the training:

I found the session very insightful and it was great to meet Graham and his wife. It was lovely to meet someone in his position in the earlier years of dementia. Overall I found Clare’s presentation was very enjoyable.

Dementia-friendly solicitors

We have recently been awarded our ‘Working Towards becoming Dementia Friendly’ status for our
branch at 2 Tofts Walk, Braintree and this was a brilliant way of continuing our learning and
development in order to ensure we are providing the very best service we can.

The importance of being Dementia Friends is not only felt in our Wills and Probate department; the training means that our staff in all departments are alive to the issue

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