Dementia Action Week (17 – 23 May), hosted by Alzheimer’s Society, is urging Government to fix the broken care system and provide support and care needed and deserved by people with dementia and their families.

There are nearly one million people living with dementia in the UK and the pandemic has exposed decades of underfunding and neglect like never before.

It has highlighted the issues that the care system is hard to access, expensive and inadequate.

As a solicitors specialising in supporting older and vulnerable people, Cunningtons see this first-hand. Cunningtons stand with Alzheimer’s Society in calling for change.

More needs to be done to fix this crisis and help families already dealing with an extremely cruel illness. The Government must recognise the need for reform.

Alzheimer’s Society is asking people to sign the petition to cure the care system. They are calling for publication of a clear, budgeted plan with milestones to reform and to ensure reforms improve the quality of care people receive. 

You can sign the petition on the Alzheimer’s Society website:

How Cunningtons helps raise awareness

All staff at Cunningtons have under gone Dementia Friends training and we are proud to be an accessible firm.
Our Braintree branch is also proud to be a member of the Keep Safe Scheme run by Braintree District Council. The scheme is for elderly and vulnerable people locally, should they need assistance when out and about.
Dementia Action Week is also about looking at ways we can take action to help people living with Dementia and just raising general awareness of Dementia and the support and advice services that are out there to help.

How Cunningtons helps raise awareness

For Dementia Action Week, we will be inviting all staff to wear Dementia-friendly colours:

  • Purple: Purple is the official colour of the Alzheimer’s Society. There are also colours that are preferred by people with Dementia, as they create a calming effect and are easier to look at.
  • Blue: Blue is a restful colour and in a physical environment, the use of the colour blue can also help to lower blood pressure. It can also make a room feel bigger and cooler.
  • Red: Red increases brain wave activity and appears to decrease room sizes.
  • Green: Green is symbolic of life and growth and is the most restful of all colours. It reduces activity in the central nervous system and helps to remain calm.
  • Orange: Reports have also suggested individuals feel happier when wearing colours such as peach, coral and shades of orange.

How Cunningtons helps clients

Bryony Wilmshurst, Solicitor and Partner at Cunningtons and member of SFE (Solicitors for the Elderly), the membership organisation for specialist solicitors who support older and vulnerable people  and specialises in supporting and advising older and vulnerable people and their families.

Bryony and the rest of the Wills and Probate team are on hand to offer friendly efficient and straightforward advice on all elderly and vulnerable client matters.

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