We’ve all heard of ‘quickie’ divorces – and some think that if you’re rich enough you can speed up the whole process. However, when Nigella Lawson and Charles Saatchi divorced in the summer of 2013, it was the lack of contest that made it easy …

… the simplest way forward is illustrated in this video.

Divorce can be a notoriously acrimonious affair, drawn out over months and even years – but does it really have to be like that? Can’t a couple just agree that their marriage hasn’t worked, have a clean break, and get on with their lives?

We like to think that it is possible, and with the right guidance the process can end with friendship rather than animosity.

Follow these 10 steps to a straightforward divorce and you may come out of the process smiling …

You may wish to refer to our Family Law Glossary for some legal terms.

1 Separation

At some point, one of you will decide that the marriage is over, and you will seperate.

2 Talk to Solicitors

Sensible discussions with solicitors during the separation will make these next steps easier. The solicitors will each prepare a case plan; at this stage you will agree who will be the Respondent and who will be the Petitioner.

3 Prepare Legal Papers

The Petitioner‘s solicitors prepare the paperwork to submit the divorce petition to court. Before they do that, the petitioner’s solicitor will send the paperwork to the Respondent‘s solicitor to check.

4 Court Gives Case Number

The court assigns your case a number.

5 Acknowledgment of Service

The court sends the Respondent a copy of the papers; they fill in a form and send it back.

6 Apply for a Decree Nisi

A Decree Nisi is a document saying that the court sees no reason to hold up the divorce.

7 Decree Nisi Date Set

The court sends you both a letter telling you the date your Decree Nisi will be pronounced.

8 Decree Nisi Granted

The court sends you both a letter granting Decree Nisi.

9 Decree Absolute

6 weeks after your Decree Nisi, you can apply for a Decree Absolute – this can take less than a week.

10 You are Now Divorced

– and if the process has been straightforward you are more likely to end up as friends.

About the 10-Step Divorce

These simple steps are based on an undefended divorce which can be undertaken by post without the need to go to court. If the respondent decided to defend the petition at Step 5 – Acknowledgement of Service, the process will be delayed and there will be an expensive and lengthy court hearing.

If you need help with any of these steps, talk to a reputable firm of Family Law solicitors who will not try and push you into an acrimonious and long-winded dispute.

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  1. I a m married for 8years with my husband but now I want out I need an advice I want peace and quet because now my marriage it’s toxic m not happy anymore

    1. Our team of specialists would be more than happy to support and advise you. Please give our family law team a call on 01245 264494 and they can arrange an appointment

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