Changes to Inheritance Tax procedures following Coronavirus measures

At Cunningtons, we welcome the changes that HM Revenue and Customs have announced in an attempt to minimise delays during the Coronavirus lockdown.

Cheques and repayments

HMRC will no longer be accepting cheques to pay inheritance tax, payments must now be made in one of the ways listed at

They will also no longer be making repayments via cheque or payable orders and instead must be supplied with bank details.

HMRC has specified that the accompanying letter must be signed by all the people who signed the IHT400 or IHT100 (for applicants not using a solicitor or other agent).

If applicants are using a solicitor or other agent, then HMRC will accept their signature, provided the account details remain the same as contained in the IHT400 or IHT100.

Signing forms IHT400 and IHT100

HMRC has also recognised that signing and returning the IHT400 and IHT100 can be difficult whilst the current measures of self-isolation and social distancing are in force.

Therefore, whilst the current Coronavirus measures remain in place, HMRC will will accept printed signatures on IHT400 and IHT100 forms in the following circumstances:

There is a professional agent acting, and both:

• The names and other personal details of the Legal Personal Representatives or trustees are shown on the declaration page;
• The account includes a clear and unambiguous statement from the solicitor or agent to confirm that all the Legal Personal Representatives or trustees have seen the account and have agreed to be bound by the declaration.

Further changes may be issued by HMRC as the Coronavirus situation develops and we will keep you updated if and when these changes happen.

If you would like to discuss any of the changes or using a qualified solicitor to make the application for a Grant of Probate, please contact us on 01376 567280 or email at

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