At Cunningtons, we are supporting the annual campaign by the Association of Lifetime Lawyers to encourage you to update your Will. And, of course, if you don’t have a Will at all, to write one. 

The campaign aims to increase awareness of the importance of having an up-to-date Will, and if you haven’t managed to write one yet to stop delaying – whatever your age.

Why is it important to update your Will?

Having an up-to-date and well-drafted Will is crucial when it comes to carrying out your wishes when you die. You will not leave your loved ones worrying about your wishes, particularly at a time when they are grieving about losing you.

And if you die without leaving a Will at all, your estate will be divided up strictly according to the rules of intestacy – without regard for your actual feelings.

You can die at any age, and it’s never too early to write your Will.

How often should I update my Will?

We recommend that you check through your Will every 5 years, and update it when your circumstances have changed. So if you have married, had a new child, divorced or there has been a death in the family it may be time to update your Will.

How do I make changes to my Will, or make a new one?

For any changes to your Will it is best to talk to an accredited legal professional.

Every circumstance is different, and Cunningtons Wills and Probate department can provide tailored advice to fit your specific needs.

Contact us today for a professional, friendly, and inexpensive service.

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